Buy Token

On this page it is explained how you can buy Criptium (CRIP) cryptocurrency. It is simple. Everybody is welcomed, though you have to follow your country’s regulations regarding digital currencies. We follow strict European regulations of AML and KYC. You can buy it directly from your EtherWallet ( with Ethereum (ETH). Please, read the Terms of Service.

Price: 1 ETH = 1800 CRIP
Minimum amount to purchase: 1800 CRIP = 1 ETH

You will receive a 10% bonus

Buy Criptium from your wallet. Make a new transaction.

1. Enter our Crowdsale Contract number:
2. The amount you would like to buy – minimum 1 ETH.
3. Click “Generate Transaction”  

You have to add our token. “Add Custom Token”
Token Contract Address:
Token Symbol: CRIP
Decimals: 2
Click “Save”. Now you can see CRIP on the list.