A genuine company

We represent a global team of experts from information and finance technology that have come together to design a platform to connect the innovation industry. Every great company started with one simple idea. Criptium Ltd. is a private limited company incorporated in England. The “Criptium” word is a registered trademark name, registered by Criptium Ltd.

Company activities

  • Criptium (CRIP) cryptocurrency developed for use on the Ethereum platform.
  • Criptium (CRIP) utility token is available for specific buyers through pre-ICO and ICO.
  • Serious investors can buy certain percentage of Criptium Ltd.
  • Criptium Foundation handles all activities that is related to the Criptium brand development.

Company plans

  • Criptium (CRIP) is a stablecoin candidate.
  • Digital Exchange platform for peer to peer trading.
  • Banking system development.
  • Unbiased financial news provider.